Seahorse Kreative Concepts

About Seahorse Kreative Concepts

We recently married and were looking to join harmoniously Chuck and his woodworking talent with my love of writing poetry.

We decided on personally created, hand-written pieces of poetry with a subtle watercolor enhancement. After being published recently and receiving extraordinary encouragement from my wonderful husband, we have begun this unique and glorious journey to share our combined love of words, woodwork and watercolors for all to see and enjoy.

Both Chuck and I look forward to expanding our imaginations, rising to the challenges, and enjoying the rewards of seeing smiles and even a few tears as you read one of our poems and it touches your heart.

Whether we are at home or out and about, both my husband and I are on a continuous quest to find inspiration for our art. People, places, plants, and antiques all inspire us to be creative. Camera always close by, notebook constantly in hand, we never know what will spark that artistic bug inside of ourselves. We are blessed to be able to express our feelings of joy, and our adoration with all of you.

Looking for a personal one-of-a-kind gift? We can create a poem personally written for that special person or event. Please contact us for more information.

Sami writing poetry
Chuck working in his shop